Edinburg’s rich history, warm climate and hospitality are just some of the reasons why the city remains a popular destination for Winter Texans. The retirement community in Edinburg enjoys top notch accommodations and activities. Winter Texan guests can experience Edinburg through its historical wildlife exhibits and sanctuaries such as La Sal Del Rey and the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands & World Birding Center.

Historical Sites

The history of Edinburg can be found throughout the town’s monuments, establishments and sights! Edinburg is known by visitors and citizens as the Hometowne of Heroes. Monuments of fallen war veterans, such as Freddy Gonzalez, are proudly displayed throughout the city. Freddy Gonzalez memory has been honoured with a park named in his honor.

The Museum of South Texas History expertly captures the essence of Edinburg with several exhibits and artifacts that shed light on the city’s past. Visitors can discover more of the city’s history by visiting the Museum of South Texas History located on 200 N Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX 78541.


Visitors can enjoy the warm and sunny climate that Edinburg offers year round. Cycling in Edinburg’s wonderful parks is immensely popular. Most Edinburg parks have dedicated bike trails. Municipal Park even has a wildlife path that joggers or cyclists can trek along and spot some unique birds and wildlife!


Tee Time is all the time in Edinburg! Golfers can swing into the sunny horizons at Los Lagos Golf Course. Los Lagos is a hometown establishment with the community in mind. This patron-centered golf course operates with its guests in mind, and its various in-house amenities work toward creating a comfortable and friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Golfers can stop for a meal at Putter’s Grill after their round, purchase the latest pro gear and apparel at the new equipment shop and then lounge under the course’s pavilion. Los Lagos has everything a golf-lover could ask for.


Welcome to a birder’s eye view! Edinburg is the premiere birdwatching destination for experienced and casual birders. The Edinburg Scenic Wetlands & World Birding Center acts as the hub for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. The center showcases wildlife and natural habitats for educational and recreational enjoyment. 

At the Birding Center, visitors can join guided bird walks that are held every Tuesday. Some of the birds that can be found at the wildlife center are Gray Hawks, Olive Sparrows, Couch’s Kingbird, Green Jays and Ringed Kingfishers.

The center also offers two and a half miles of walking trails that intersect with butterfly-filled gardens and ponds

La Sal del Rey

La Sal del Rey is Edinburg’s hidden gem. The naturally-occurring salt lake is frequented by people all over the Rio Grande Valley. From fitness enthusiasts to wildlife lovers, the salt lake offers gorgeous views and an inside look at animal life in the thornforest surrounding the lake. However, La Sal del Rey is more than just a pretty sight. The lake has a history dating back before Spanish colonization of the area. The birder community and photographers have been buzzing about the lake and for good reason.